Corporate employers

We help your employees with their professional mobility

This service is proposed in English, German and Spanish.

Specialized in relocation, Alsaceway relocation looks after your employees coming from other regions or other countries for their relocation and administrative requirements.

My team and myself offer to your employees and their family a personalised service in all areas linked with professional mobility.

Your interest :

A recent survey showed that employees coming from other regions or other countries to work in Strasbourg were stressed when facing concurrently new professional responsibilities and a new private environment. This survey also revealed loss of time and money both for these employees and the companies employing them.

For your employees mobility, we propose to work together with your enterprise to compose a partially or fully delegated plan that would allow your employees to be fully operational from day one, thus improving their professional and private integration into the region.

Our role :

  • Welcome, advise and orientate your employees coming from other regions or other countries.
  •  Establish a program and a schedule to fulfil the different relocation needs fixed by your company. 
  •  Propose a personalised offer.
  •  Garanty cost and time optimisation.
  •  Assure the success of each step and satisfaction for both the employee and your company.

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