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Your mobility partner

A full service package to find your future home

Before your arrival we will send you photos and descriptions of properties corresponding to your search criteria. Once you are here, we will visit the selected properties together and you make your final choice.

That way you can rapidly move in which will reduce your hotel costs, allow your family to join you, with little delay and prevent you from paying double rent.

Once you have selected your new home, we can assist you with the following steps :

  • Lease negotiation and signature of the rental agreement
  • Handover and marching in process
  • Assistance with insurance matters
  • Installation of utilities: water, electricity, Internet, etc.
  • Move in
Our relocation services are available as package or as individual services. In any case we will provide you with a personalised quotation.

Our 3 service packages

Our relocation services are available in 3 packages from 1250€ - 3000€ or as individual services. To better understand your needs, please complete this questionnaire. Your profile will be completed during an individual interview. In any case we will provide you with a personalised quotation.

Basic Package:

    • Welcome brochure with useful information for your new life in Alsace
    • Needs Analysis (size of the property, budget, localisation, etc.)
    • Home search according to your criteria
    • Sending of photos and (translated) descriptions of corresponding properties
    • Accompanied viewings with a realtor during one day
    • Creation of the application folder for the tenant

Classic Package: = Basic Package + the following additional services :

    • Lease negotiation and signature of the rental agreement
    • Assistance with the inventory of empty or furnished properties
    • Handover and marching in process
    • Assistance with insurance matters (property, civil liability)
    • Registration of public utilities: water, electricity, gaz.
    • Hotline during one week after your move

Full Package = Classic Package + the following additional services:

    • Coordination with your moving company
    • Temporary accommodation booking (hotel or apart-hotel)

Additional services on request:


  • Setting up a bank account

Moving in

  • Coordination with transportation company
  • Purchase of furniture
  • Organisation of minor renovation work
  • Full installation and decoration of the property

Registrations and subscriptions

  • Registration with local authorities
  • Telephone and Internet subscription
  • Other personal subscriptions (library, TV channels, etc)

Area overview

  • According to your needs we visit together the cities or region and provide corresponding information about public transportation, schools, shopping, culture, etc.

Children and Health

  • Assistance with schools selection, registration and visit, kindergarden or university
  • Assistance to find babysitting services
  • Assistance to find doctors speaking English


  • Assistance with car registration, insurance, change of driving licence and technical inspection service
  • Driving lessons if you are not used to drive on the right side of the road
  • Assistance with car reservation or acquisition

Departure assistance

  • Termination of the lease agreement and insurance policies
  • Termination of the utilities contracts
  • Coordination of moving services